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Second Ski in 2011

We had breakfast in the lounge and left the hotel for skiing again. It was a sunny day, a very good day for skiing.  We enjoyed it, although there were so many people. Katya started skiing in Japan and is now good at it.  She is fond of sports.  We play tennis, ski, and go snorkeling together; it is lucky for us to be able to share time together. We went to Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza again.  Katya bought a pair of Adidas gloves. We bought a sealed lucky bag in a Swatch shop and got a pair of swatch.  We are wearing them now. We went back to the … Continue reading

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First Ski in 2011

We left Karuizawa Mura Hotel at 10 PM. We dropped by XIV Karuizawa, where we were going to stay this evening. We left one of our luggages in the hotel and had breakfast in the lounge. We often stay at XIV hotels enjoying their reasonable services. We drove for one and a half hour for skiing to Kusatsu Spa and Ski Area. We first went there last winter and liked it. On the way, we had a good view of Mount Asama, a volcano. The quality of snow was good for this season of the start of the year. It started snowing. After the ski, we went shopping at Karuizawa … Continue reading

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First Ski This Season

We had a buffet breakfast. Then we checked out the hotel and went out for skiing at “Pilatus Tateshina Ski Resort“.  This is our first ski this season. Katya skied down the hill only once because of the icy slope.  I did four times. We came back to my parents’ to meet Maya-san.  She welcomed us. I drove Smart to Kofu. Maya-san is happy on the legless chair in our apartment.

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Christmas in Tateshina

After leaving Maya-san at my parents’ in Shimosuwa, Katya and I headed for Tateshina.  It was snowing, and on the way to the hotel, I had to put chains on the front tires. We arrived at XIV Tateshina, our favorite hotel, at 4 PM. Room was large enough for two of us. It was snowing quietly. In the room, we had a bottle of French cidre. I then took a natural spa, while Katya was taking a rest. In the evening, we went out for a Chinese restaurant in the hotel, Suiyo,  around 8 PM (Katya took the photo). It was a fancy Chinese menu. Katya did not take the … Continue reading

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Hakone, Hatsushima, Snorkeling

It was a pleasant morning with a pleasant breeze.  I took these photos from the windows of our room. After having breakfast, we left Resorpia Hakone for Atami port. We took a boat to Hatsushima island. For taking a boat to Hatsushima, I used free tickets for stock holders, which I had purchased at the Yahoo auction. We arrived at XIV Hatsushima Club hotel at 1 PM. The room was not available yet, so we had refreshments at the lounge to relax for a while. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, “Porto“. In XIV Hatsushima Club, they give us 50%-discount coupons for lunch, and we took the advantage. We … Continue reading

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