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Rain again

Officially, the rainy season is over, but in the morning, it started raining. For lunch, I rode a bike to get all wet. It kept raining so I was not able to join the tennis lesson in the evening. Therefore, I came back home earlier than usual after work and made spaghetti for dinner with a sauce we bought at St. Cousair in Yatsugatake. It was good and spicy.  

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One-night trip to Shimosuwa

At 5PM, I took Maya-san in mini and drove to Shimosuwa, where my parents live (and I was born). I took a highway. We dropped by Yatsugatake service area. Maya-san sniffed around.  She has been staying home most of the time, so venturing out seemed to be stimulating her. From the service area was seen the combination of a highway and rice fields. At my parents’, Anju was there to avoid the summer heat. Anju and Maya-san said hello.  They are now sort of friends, although they still insist on showing their territories and priorities. Maya-san was happy to see my parents, too. Maya-san naturally looked outside during the nights … Continue reading

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Hottest Places in Japan

Students told me that the temperature in Kofu had been the highest yesterday in Japan, although it was only some 37 degree. Today, we felt a bit warmer with 38.1 C.  Too bad that we were #2 in Japan; the hottest place was Koshu city, a city by Kofu, with 38.5 degree C.  Those records are the records in June, so we probably have to be satisfied. I was in my office without an air conditioner, calling and mailing to find new participants from schools and companies. Katya had no classes today and went to the Yatsugatake area with a friend of hers, where the temperature was only 30 C. … Continue reading

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Mothers’ Day, May 8, 2011

In order to celebrate Mothers’ Day, we went to Shimosuwa by mini and visited my parents. We got on Chuo highway and stopped at Futaba Service Area.  There is an outside vegetable/fruit shop. My mother does not like cut flowers, so instead of carnations, we bought grapes cultivated inside a green house. The service area is large.  We took Maya-san for a walk. It was a hot day.  Katya gave Maya-san a shower. In my parents’ house, we had some tea. Besides grapes, we gave sweets bought in Kyoto. In the garden, magnolias were beautiful. Mom and dad showed us a pot of apple flowers. On the way back to … Continue reading

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