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Just a small tip about Famima T-Card, if you are a point collector

You could easily get a Famima T-card at Family Mart, a convenience store. No annual fees are needed for this credit card. Gusto only accepts cash, but with showing the Famima T-card, they put T-points on it. T-points can also be obtained at TSUTAYA, a rental CD/DVD shop.  At some gas stations, T-points are given, too, even you pay with cash.  Or, you can use a credit card for the payment to get points or miles on the card, and T-points as well by showing your Famima T-card.  T-points can be converted to ANA miles, and this is why I am collecting T-points. The largest advantage of this card might … Continue reading

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At the EXPO, I got gifts for visitors/customers/watchers from JASCO.  I opened the boxes today. A flashlight with a solar battery may be useful. JASCO is an excellent company, but do they actually think this pedometer to be neat? Not even the latest model. It became cooler in the evening.  There was a shower.  For dinner, we went out to Gusto, an economical restaurant. I might need an iPed.

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