Daily Archives: September 18, 2010

Camera, Internet, Resorpia

Camera arrived this morning, and Katya received it for me. During the day time, Katya took Maya-san to the vet clinic, then to Shimosuwa, and left her to my parents’. After the conference, we left Kofu at 8:30 PM for Hakone.  We are now in Resorpia Hakone.  It is an old hotel but it is OK. During the conference, I bought a wireless internet device, so I am posting this blog in the hotel. I am having a can of beer.  It should have me relaxed.

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Second day – Have a good weekend!

It is 6 AM and I am preparing for the lecture at 9 AM. This evening, Maya-san takes a vacation in Shimosuwa with my parents, and Katya and I leave for Hakone and Hatsushima. In both hotels, there is no internet available.  So there would be no posts. Have a good weekend!

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