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A paper revised

I was writing a new paper in my office, when an e-mail arrived telling that my second last paper had been reviewed. When you want your paper to be published in a scientific journal, unless you are asked, the paper need to be reviewed by a couple of scientific professionals, who read the paper and give questions and comments to you.  If they do not like the paper, it could simply be rejected.  The authors must answer to the questions and comments and revise the paper accordingly. My reviewers were in favor of my manuscript, so I did not have to change much.  Even though, it took some time to … Continue reading

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Writing a paper

In the morning, I walked with Maya-san.  It was rainy and Maya-san hated walking in the rain.  What a princess! Although, I took her out for a while.  It is funny that I, a human being, do not mind walking in the rain thinking “It is just water”. After the morning walk, I had her take a shower, which she does not like, either.  Then, she went back to sleep. At school, I kept writing.  When I write papers, I cannot do anything else in parallel.  I need a concentration. Now I am about to go home, but I am thinking about the paper.

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Vegetables again and again

I started writing a paper with a student, so I became busy. I got another eggplants and cucumbers. My parents have retired and are enjoying their lives. My father likes farming, and we receive lots of vegetables from him, too. We thank all those fresh vegetables.

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Tokube Day

This evening, we went to our favorite sushi restaurant, “Nigiri no Tokube“. Today is Tokube Day, when we get a 19% off coupon. Our appetizer. Our desserts. When we entered, the restaurant was almost empty. We were worried because restaurants bankrupt these days.  We missed one good Chinese so we do not want to miss another one. When I asked the manager, he said Tuesday is the least busy day.  Customers gradually increased, so we were relieved.

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Night walk and Maya-san’s new enermy

Katya, Maya-san, and I went to Tsutaya to rent DVDs.  On the way back, we dropped off at Midorigaoka Sports Park for a night walk. After the walk, Maya-san kept barking at the DVD bag in Smart. A cat or something might have been sitting on the bag. In the apartment, we showed her the bag. She killed it.  We have to pay for it.

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Back to Kofu

We changed planes at LA.  In the plane to Japan, all of us were very tired and slept. Plane arrived at Narita airport at 4 PM. At the Narita airport, we separated.  Two students took trains and one student went back home with her parents’ car. I took a bus starting at 5:55 PM. Bus arrived at Kofu station at 9PM. Katya came to pick me up with Maya-san, and all three went home together.

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Leaving LAS airport

In the morning, the shuttle was overbooked in spite of my reservation. We did not mind standing up in the shuttle, but the bus driver got us down.  It was horrible! We took a cab.  Boy, it was an experience to get on a cab with four people with four huge suitcases!  The solution we found out was to let my suitcase and other smaller bags of students sit in front and four of us sit on the rear seat. Now I am in an airport lounge, writing this post over a glass of wine after a petit breakfast. We fly to LA to NRT.  Bye bye, USA.

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Muravej’s Presentation Over

I stayed up all night for the presentation. Breakfast in the room. The last student did a good talk.  She received two questions, to which she answered promptly. I think my presentation was good.  But I received only one question from a chairman.  I felt dumb.  My colleagues told me that it was a good presentation.  Maybe I needed to explain more carefully. I had a curry for dinner. The chicken curry was made of Indians and tasted good.  I bought a Mexican beer at a Mexican Deli. After dinner, my colleagues and I went to see “Crazy Girls“, a show played for 23 years in Riviera.  Since we stayed … Continue reading

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Grown-ups drink large coffee

A student finished his oral presentation. He spoke too slowly to finish it within his time given, accordingly, no question time left.  But he did his best, too. I have a jet lag and keep going to a coffee shop near the conference halls. They have large and small coffee.  I think this menu matches with this hotel. I go to Starbucks.  They serve good coffee.  The coffee cup, now used in this coffee shop, too, is a good invention. I like Starbucks’ coffee.  I sometimes order fancy stuffs, too.  But don’t you think it a kind of childish to order a caramel Macchiato with whip cream on top (this … Continue reading

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First presentation over

One of the students finished his presentation.  He talked well, but he did not understand what he was asked, so I answered instead of him.  This was predicted, and I think he did his best. I met another American and Polish ex-colleagues. I show you pictures of an evening poster session (taken from far away). Tonight’s dinner. Sitting in a coach, eating pizzas with coke, watching the Insider showing Courteny Cox’s break and friendship with Jennifer Aniston gives a good ol’ American feeling. I talked on the phone with my American family I lived with during my Senior year in High School in Houston.  It brought me back good times, … Continue reading

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