Daily Archives: October 11, 2010

Meeting friends

Yes, I was gloomy in Las Vegas. This evening, there was a get-together and I met two of my old friends, one American, the other Chinese, whom I worked with in Illinois on my sabbatical.  Gee, now I thank the opportunity of coming to Las Vegas.  Meeting friends is irreplaceable. I feel active now.  Maybe I will go see a show to let you know about it (I cannot guarantee, though).

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2nd day in Las Vegas

I got up noon.  I still feel dizzy because of the jet lag. The view from the window of the room is not very pleasant. I took lunch in an Asian restaurant in Riviera.  The food was not good for the price.  For me, Las Vegas was a place for good foods at decent prices, so it was a slight disappointment. In the afternoon, I went out for a walk. I do not like the environment around the hotel very much. not because it is crazy (I wish it were) but because the place is so quite and deserted.  Very few people are seen on the street. I needed a … Continue reading

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