Daily Archives: October 17, 2010

Back to Kofu

We changed planes at LA.  In the plane to Japan, all of us were very tired and slept. Plane arrived at Narita airport at 4 PM. At the Narita airport, we separated.  Two students took trains and one student went back home with her parents’ car. I took a bus starting at 5:55 PM. Bus arrived at Kofu station at 9PM. Katya came to pick me up with Maya-san, and all three went home together.

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Leaving LAS airport

In the morning, the shuttle was overbooked in spite of my reservation. We did not mind standing up in the shuttle, but the bus driver got us down.  It was horrible! We took a cab.  Boy, it was an experience to get on a cab with four people with four huge suitcases!  The solution we found out was to let my suitcase and other smaller bags of students sit in front and four of us sit on the rear seat. Now I am in an airport lounge, writing this post over a glass of wine after a petit breakfast. We fly to LA to NRT.  Bye bye, USA.

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