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October 2006, My visit again to Vladivostok

I took a couple-of-day trip in October to Vladivostok; Katya told me it is the best season.  I stayed at Vlad Motor Inn again.  Katya, Katya’s parents, her brother,  Maya-san, and I went out for a forest picnic.  It was a sunny, pleasant day. It was a good place by a small river.  Leaves were all colored.  Maya-san enjoyed running. We all came together to the place in Katya’s father’s car.  I brought from Japan some films for rear-view mirrors preventing rain drops. I put them on Katya’s car. Katya’s parents prepared a huge BBQ, which tasted good.  They brought a lot of vodka, too. Before coming to Vladivostok, I … Continue reading

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