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Preparation for the earthquake

At 6 PM, all the teaching staffs got together in a room to discuss about the laboratory improvement against the earthquake.  Two professors had checked all the rooms and suggested how the rooms could be changed, such as nailing the bookshelf on the wall. We were not too much concerned about the earthquake, but a big quake has been predicted in the Tokai area.  The earthquake in the north-eastern area reminded us of the future quake. We talked about an earthquake drill in the institute, too. So, I came back home at 9 PM this evening.

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Spring Sushi

We went to Tokube on Tokube day, or the 19th, for 19% discount coupon. They served sushi of spring. First bonito of the season and sea bream. Halfbeak. They even served bamboo sushi. It has been a rainy day.  We felt no pollen today.  Probably, the season of pollen allergy is ending.

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Washing Machine Arrives

Just before 6 PM, Katya called me on the phone at my office whether I would come back. Come back for what? I completely forgot; the delivery men were supposed to come between 6 and 7 PM with a washing machine. While we were talking on the phone, the delivery men arrived.  I rode my bike home very quickly. When I arrived, there were two guys, who were almost finishing.  The new washing machine just fit the corner.  We keep using our old drier above it. I went back to the office for work, while Katya was reading the manual. When I came back, Katya had already figured out the … Continue reading

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Night Tennis on Sunday (as usual)

Today, pollen was flowing all around Kofu. In the morning, Katya and I watched “Dog Whisperer” over breakfast.  We think that Ceser Millan sometimes simply makes Jack a dull dog, but this morning, I found that there are many things I can learn from him. In the afternoon, Katya and I went to buy a new washing machine; an ex-student of mine gave me a washing machine nearly 20 years ago, which has been still working.  Recently,  the spin-drying does not working well, so we decided to buy one. We chose a SANYO.  I am sorry for the company, which was producing good products but was integrated into Panasonic.  I … Continue reading

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She is the Dog Whisperer

In the morning on the way to my office, I took a picture of cherry blossoms  almost ending.  New green leaves appear to tell summer is coming closer. Yes, the temperature went up to 25 C today.  I could have gone with a T-shirt. Katya was asked to come to her Ukrainian friend’s house in Shimosuwa.  The friend bought a Belgium Shepherd, the first doggy friend in her life.  It is still a baby boy and very active. He seems friendly, but she does not know how to treat him.  So Katya went to help her. I came back alone for lunch to find Maya-san having had a small party.  … Continue reading

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Maya-san’s Rabies Vaccination

All Japanese dogs must take a rabies  vaccination once a year. Today, Maya-san went to Midorigaoka Sports Park with Katya.  According to Katya, Maya-san was more interested in fighting against other dogs in the park than the injection; she could be sometimes very aggressive.  Therefore, the doctor was able to give her an injection without being noticed. After the injection, they give dogs a small plate showing that they have been vaccinated.  We put the plate on Maya-san’s collar. The plate has a number, which can be used for an ID, too.

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Welcome-Farewell-Relief Party

We had a small party in the institute among teachers. We welcomed three new staffs, said good-bye to one teacher who is going to the states. One teacher came from Ibaraki prefecture, where his house was destroyed by the earthquake.  He was fine and healthy, although he told us his story of survival during and after the earthquake.  His family is still worried about the life there, which eventually makes them more uncomfortable to live in Ibaraki. In Kofu, almost everything went back to normal.  However, in the disaster areas, people are patiently living their lives.

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Takeout from Tokube

I was busy preparing the documents for the collaboration. Katya was busy working, too.  She was a bit tired, too. So, for dinner, I took out sushi from Tokube. Maya-san had some, too.

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Classes started – Katya’s brother’s book published

New students arrived in the university, and classes began today. In the morning from 8:45 to 10:15 AM, I gave a lecture to Ph.D students.  The projector did not accept my computer to show the pictures, so I used a whiteboard and lectured in a classical way. In the afternoon from 1:00 to 2:30 PM, I gave an introductory electronic practice to sophomores.  Days have begun busy. After dinner, Katya told me that her brother, Nikita, studying marine biology in the Far East University in Vladivostok published his first book. It is published from Springer.   We are very proud.

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Party Girl Arrives

When Katya was going out to a supermarket for food for dinner, Maya-san held a one-dog cookie party. She had seven pieces of wrapped coolies. Maya-san weighs six kilograms; for a human girl, it would correspond to 50 pieces of cookies! Maya-san enjoyed a one-dog trash party, too, opening up a small trash basket. Kayta came back to find it.  We knew Maya-san was lonely, but bad is bad.  We ignored her for a while. After dinner, we became friends again.

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