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Katya’s Interest at the moment

I am working on the schedules and budgets and a small piece of paper. At 2 PM, I showed two professors from USA around the lab.  From 3 to 5 PM, they had lectures. When I came back home, Katya was with Maya-san and a laptop. She is so interested in tablets.  I was surprised because I was thinking Katya is a person who is not attracted to those electronic devices; so was she herself. Today, while she was not working, she went to Yamada electronic shop.  She said Apple and Toshiba interest her. I do not think she needs one, but it seems she is having fun (?).

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Busy Respect-for-the-Aged Day

Today was a holiday. Katya’s mother, Natalia, is coming to Japan in October. We went to buy a set of futons for her at Nitori.  We bought a pan, too. Then we went to Super Autobacs and changed the tires of our Smart. I was sitting by the window, watching how the tires were changed. Then we went home with futons. In Japan, TV broadcasts have been completely digitalized since July 25.  I have not enabled our TV set to receive digital signals (we are watching Internet programs), so today, I installed the adapter. The first program watched was Sumo, because it was broadcast on Channel 1. Today’s Tokube Day. … Continue reading

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Lake Inagako and Tennis

After breakfast, Katya and I went to Lake Inagako with Maya-san. The temperature decreased from 32 to 24 degree C.   Maya-san dug a hole. While she was digging, I slept on the bench. It was very pleasant. After coming back from Inagako, I made a seafood salad. We had it over a bottle of wine. In the evening, played tennis from 7 yo 9 PM at Yamanashi Prefectural Youth Center.   The humidity was still high, and we sweat a lot. But we had fun.

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Working day is Saturday

A PhD student of mine talked about his research from 8 AM in front of professors for his preparation for the dissertation. I think he did well. He will be graduating this coming March. At 9 AM, a monthly Saturday presentation by students started. Today’s was of the second-year master students. At 11 AM, another PhD students had a presentation. I went back home for lunch. From 1 PM, two researchers came for interviews.  At 3 PM, the last PhD student had his presentation. At 5 PM, I had a discussion with a professor about our joint research. At 7 PM, I left school. I brought home a present a professor gave … Continue reading

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Budgets and Schedules

The distribution of budgets among the organizations have been decided. I asked them to make their research plans from October this year to March next year. The budget of the fiscal year 2011 was reduced because of the earthquake. We did get a big fund. We need to use it wisely and properly. It rained in the evening. Katya and Maya-san came to the office to pick me up. I brought  egg plants an office manager gave me as he did last year. I watched “Into the storm“, a story about Winston Churchill. Katya and I hardly understand what is spoken, but fortunately, I read subtitles in Japanese. It is … Continue reading

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French story continues

One of the researchers I saw in Poitiers, France, came to the conference in Niigata. He worked  in our institute for one year, so I know him very well. We had a good dinner with the Mexican professor in Niigata. Today, he came to our institute to say hello to his old colleagues and students. So within two weeks, we met each other in Poitiers, Niigata, and Kofu. At 2 PM, he left for Narita Airport by bus. We will see each other somewhere on the earth again.

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Driving back to Kofu

The government asked me to prepare budget plan for the new project.  The deadline was set September 26.  We have very limited time. The reason we have only two weeks is because of the earthquake; the submission of the proposal was extended for one month, but the projects start on October 1 as usual. The sub leader of the project, a researcher working for a company, suggested me to meet at 2 PM in Kofu, which I agreed. I woke up at 6 AM this morning, but it was too early. I slept again and woke up at 8:30 AM! Too late for the departure. I took a shower, had … Continue reading

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2nd and the last day of the business trip

The hotel breakfast was a buffet. As I expected, rice was very good; best rice and sake are produced in Niigata. They cooked omelettes at the restaurant, too.  The breakfast made a good start of the day. In the morning, a colleague/coworker of mine made a good talk. In the evening, a student of me made a poster presentation, which was also good. For dinner, all the institute members participating in the conference, approximately 20 people, went out together to a restaurant.    Foods in Niigata are very good. Tomorrow, I need to work on the budget of my fund, so I will drive back in the morning, although the … Continue reading

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Business Trip to Niigata

There is a conference in Niigata.  I woke up at 4 AM, went to my office, and took mini to a hotel in Niigata. I took a rest at Yoneyama parking area. When I got our from the car, I felt heat! The temperature must have been higher than 30 degree C.    I took a rice bowl of tuna and salmon eggs for brunch. I arrived at the hotel, ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, at 12:30 PM. After I took a shower, I walked to the conference site. Mexican professor in University of Poitiers was there in the lecture hall, chairing the session. So in a couple of days, we … Continue reading

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Tennis in Kiyosato for refreshing

We went to Kiyosato in the afternoon. In “Kiyosato no Mori“, Maya-san dug a hole, while Katya took pictures of her. There, we went to a restaurant “Hickory Farms“. We shared salad and Okonomi Yaki (for Okonomi Yaki, AdelaideBen posted a good article with a recipe). The salad was simply cut vegetables and dressings, but the taste of the vegetables was rich.    After finishing late lunch, we played tennis.  There were only two of us. It was a good exercise to refresh my body. On the way back home, Katya bought two cacti. Katya is planning to make a small “cactus farm” in the apartment.

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