Daily Archives: October 15, 2011

Staying in Narita

Travel to Narita via Detroit was OK. I slept well in the planes. The plane arrived safely in Narita. I am now staying at ANA Crown Plaza Narita; there will be held a real estate seminar in Tokyo tomorrow.  Since hotels in Narita are very cheap, I decided to stay one night. The room is clean and comfortable. I do not have a heavy jet lag. I will be perfect tomorrow.

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Leaving Boston Airport

I left the hotel at 9;30 AM. Although I took a wrong bus, I managed to arrived at the airport. The weekly pass was very useful in Boston.     Near the departure gate, I took an early lunch at Panda Express, a Chinese fast food restaurant. Now, people started to get on board. Bye-bye, Boston.  I did not see you much, but I liked you.

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