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Retrying submission to the same journal

A paper, which I think has a very general importance, was rejected by a big journal. The comment was that the subject is too specific. lacking a broad interest. I do not agree. An American coworker in the same institute and I have been working on the paper; we decided to resubmit it to the same journal after the modification, explaining how important the manuscript is to the history of basic science. The professor is now in New Mexico for a conference, so we are communicating by e-mail.  

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Furoen on Vernal Equinox Day

Today is Vernal Equinox Day, a holiday. In the morning, Katya and I went to Gusto for breakfast.    We went back home, picked Maya-san up, and headed for Furoen as scheduled. We used two Ogino coupons for a free entry.    The Ume blossoms were at their best.    Small shops were there to provide with foods and drinks. We took a cup of amazake drink. We walked up the hill.       It was a pleasant walk except Maya-san who needed some free run. Katya and I took Maya-san to Pet Field for her beauty care. I looked her through the window. She was OK with the lady but did … Continue reading

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A day between Sunday and Holiday

Yesterday was Sunday, and tomorrow, Vernal Equinox Day, a holiday. Therefore, I had to work hard to finish the jobs remaining from last week and those I cannot do tomorrow. I came back home a little after 8 PM. I am planning to do a bit of work to be relaxed tomorrow. Tomorrow, Katya, Maya-san, and I are planning to visit an ume park, Furoen.

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Rainy Sunday in Kofu

It rained all day in Kofu. We stayed home except for a buffet lunch in “New Mahal“. The price is very reasonable, but we wished it was a bit more spicy. Other than that, we rested calm.

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Real-estate meetings in Tokyo and Tokube dinner

There were two real-estate meetings , for which, I went to rainy Tokyo. The first one, starting from 1 PM,  was held in Shinjuku for the management of the apartment in Shibakoen.  There were four attendees who are the staffs of the owners’ union, including me. We talked about exchanging light bulbs into LEDs, a bicycle parking, and the modifications of the rules of the owners’ union. It ended at 2:30 PM. I rushed to the next meeting in Honancho for the management of the apartment in Nakaochiai, the representative of the owners’ union of which is me. I talked with a new  internet provider for the new service and … Continue reading

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Chocolates again and Farewell Party #2

A bachelor student of mine, who traveled in Australia, came back and brought me a box of chocolates for a souvenir. He seemed to have enjoyed his graduation trip. This evening, another research group I am involved in invited me to a graduation party at Domadoma near Kofu Station. There were about 20 students.    The party started at 7:30 PM, and I left it at 8:40 PM. The graduation is scheduled on March 22. New students are coming from April.

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Walk with hesitating Maya-san

I took Maya-san for walks in the morning and at night. She is so funny. Maya-san does not like cold weather. Although the weather is milder now in the middle of March, she hesitates to go out. In the morning, when I called her name, she raised her head slightly up under her blanket but returned still as if she were asleep and not listening. She pretends. I took her blanket up and took her out. After dinner, I called her for an evening walk. She stood and simply looked at me. I called her again softly and loudly, but she quietly looked at me, telling me she is not … Continue reading

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Farewell Party #1 on White Day

One of the research groups invited me to a graduation party at Monojiya in front of Kofu Station. I went there for the first time. It was decorated in an old way.    Nearly 30 people joined the party. Today is White Day in Japan, when a guy sends a girl present. This year, I gave Katya a Starbucks’ portable coffee mug.

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Student’s souvenir from Italy

A master degree student came back from his trip to Italy. He brought me a box of chocolates. It could be the first time to be given Italian chocolates for a souvenir. I opened the box. It was a fig chocolate, with a rich taste. The student is now analyzing and arranging his data before his graduation.

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Monday is always busy

E-mails come during the weekend, or people send e-mails that they did not send during the weekend when Monday comes. So Monday morning is not a very pleasant time to open up the mail box. I received abstracts for the meeting in China, and I had to arrange them in order. For my research project, the office asked me to prepare another documents. I need to prepare documents for the graduating students. And so on. I did not come back home for lunch and kept working. I finished lots of the works and happily went left the office.  

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