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Bye-bye Doshinboh

It is Saturday. Katya and I went to Doshinboh, our favorite Chinese restaurant, for lunch. It looked the same outside, but the door was closed and nobody was there.  I instantly imagined that the restaurant should have been bankrupt. We walked into a Indian restaurant, Taj Mahal, located by Doshinboh. We ordered a lunch set.    Curry, nan, an drinks are served as much as you want.  The price was reasonable, 850 yen each. They served spicy curry, too, so it was OK with me. Katya did not like curry because they was watery and nan either because it was more like bread. I asked an (Indian, possibly) waiter about … Continue reading

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Rainy day, no tennis lesson, Wimbledon

I was about to go to a tennis class at 7 PM, when it suddenly started raining. The lesson was cancelled. Instead, I am watching a Wimbledon game on TV. Đoković is playing now. Sharapova will be playing after him, but I will not be able to see her play in midnight.

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Night walk with Maya-san on Takeda Street

The evenings are very pleasant these days. It is very unusual in summer in Kofu. I took Maya-san out for an evening walk on Takeda Street.    The breeze was soft and comfortable. It is especially good for Katya, who hates heat.

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Low frequency electric masseur is my favorite

The masseur that arrived yesterday was a good buy. The machine works with  two size AAA batteries. If you receive a 15-minute massage, the batteries last for three months according to the manual. There are three massage modes, all of which are comfortable for my stiff shoulders. I feel fine after receiving the massages for one hour, so the batteries should be dead within on month. On Sunday, I will buy some rechargeable batteries for the masseur.

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Low frequency electric masseur

On the evening the day before yesterday, I ordered an electric masseur, “OMRON HV-F010” from Rakuten Internet Market, one of the largest internet markets in Japan.  It was for my shoulders. The masseur looked very small and the price was fair. At 8:30 PM this evening, it arrived. I put the pads on both of my shoulders and switched it on. Boy it works! I tried a low frequency electric machine for the first time. I did not expect too much of it, but it works. Katya notices my shoulders are moving. I saw myself in the mirror to find my shoulders apparently shaking. It was a good buy. The … Continue reading

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This is it!

   I am watching “This is it!”.  Katya and I went to see this movie in the movie theater. After singing “I just can’t stop loving you”, Michael Jackson says he should not have sung this way because he is still warming up. I like the way he says it, which tells his being professional.

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Sunday in Yatsugatake

In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to “Resort Outlets Yatsugatake“.    We went to our favorite Italian restaurant, “Lo Scoiattolo” for lunch. The meals were good as usual. When I was trying to take pictures, I found out that the batteries were dead. Anyway, it was good lunch. I bought a pair of shoes and Katya two T-shirts. At St. Cousiers, we bought a bottle of wine,  sausages, pasta sauce, salsa, and steak sauce. On the way back, we stopped by a vegetable shop, “Oishii Ichiba“, to buy a bottle of perilla juice, cherries, dried apples, and very rich puddings. We had light supper with some of those … Continue reading

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Cleaning air conditioners

I normally work on Saturdays. I came back for lunch. After lunch, I cleaned the air conditioners of our apartment. First, I took off filters. I washed them in the bathroom, and kept them being dried. Then I used the cleaning sprays Katya had bought the other day. I sprayed the mist inside the air conditioners to have the dirt dissorved out. I came back home for dinner. I put the filters in. Now the air conditioners are ready. They are not plugged in yet. We will go with the electric fans until it gets very hot.

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Saving energy this summer

It was raining in the early morning, but it stopped. In the evening, I was able to play tennis in Kose Sports Park. There were two men and three women in the class. Being in the rainy season, the air was very humid. It is a cool summer so far. We have not used an air conditioner yet. When it gets a bit warm, we use electric fans. Katya bought bottles of air-conditioner cleaners. The cleaner will not only clean the air out, but will save the energy.

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Rainy season arrived

After the typhoon the day before yesterday, the sky became very clear and it was hot yesterday. Today, from the morning, it rained on and off. The rainy season has arrived in Japan. In a way it is good because the cool summer is not only good for Katya, but also we can save the energy. In the Kansai area of Japan, the electricity company is planning to run up the nuclear power plants. It is very interesting to see how people will react in the middle of summer; will they stop their air conditioners or they will chose an extra energy?

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