Daily Archives: October 7, 2012

Narita Airport to Hawaii

I left Kofu at 2 PM and arrived at Narita airport at 6 PM. Now I am waiting in a hall. I will be leaving in an hour. I have not finished with the presentation slides. I will work on them in the plane.

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Submitting a paper

I arrived at my office at 1 AM, and I started working on the manuscript. First, I was trying to combine the manuscript and the figures in one document, and …. boy, why on earth does it happen? When I pasted a figure, for example, WORD started to create thousands of vacant pages until I undid the procedure. After I checked the manuscript, the content was changed, so unbelievable! I tried again and again to obtain broken manuscript each time. I scanned viruses to find nothing. Maybe the program or the computer is broken. I went back home, took a rest, and in the afternoon, I started retrying. I changed … Continue reading

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