Jingisukan BBQ dinner on Sunday

It is Sunday today.

When I woke up, it was raining.

I took Maya-san out for a walk in the morning. She was a good girl enough not to hesitate to walk in the rain, which is not very often.

After the walk, Katya drove to Jonathan’s. I read a newspaper, while Katya an internet magazine with her iPad.


Drinks in Jonathan’s are better than in Gusto, so we might be going to have Sunday breakfasts in Jonathan’s, although Gusto is in the walking distance from our apartment.

Then we went to “Pet Field” to see live rocks to be put in a fish tank. We did not buy any rocks because Katya did not like the shape.

In the afternoon, we watched Sumo on TV. The final match was Mongolian (Hakuho, Grand Champion) vs. Mongolian (Harumafuji, the strongest this year). The fight lasted for a minute and Harumafuji beat Hakuho. It was a very good fight.

Harumafuji is expected to be approved to be Grand Champion by the Sumo committee.

For dinner, I cooked Jingisukan BBQ; my ex-student from Hokkaido had sent us Matsuo Jingisukan meat.

I cut a lot of vegetables. It was a good dinner.

I took a half bottle of Pino Noir, and I went into sleep.

I woke up at 11 PM. Katya and I took Maya-san for a night walk. There was finally no rain.

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