Mom and Dad coming to Kofu and Mariya’s spoon

Right after her birth, my parents naturally wanted to meet Mariya.

Today’s Sunday and they are coming to Kofu by train.

I arrived at Kofu station at 11 AM. In the department store “Eclan” by the station, I looked for something for lunch.

I bought two large packs of take-out sushi at Kyodaru.

There is a wine shop, and I bought a bottle of Kofu wine for my parents and one non-alcoholic for me and Katya.

I left sushi and wine bottles in the car, and went to the ticket gate of the station to see my parents.

There was a campaign of Aizu district in Fukushima to invite tourists. “Akabe“, the mascot of Aizu, was helping the campaign.

I met my parents at 11:40 AM. I first took them to my institute to show where I work. I took a picture of them in front of my office building.

Then I took them to our apartment.

We had lunch with sushi over Kofu wines, celebrating the birth of Mariya.


I had asked them to stay one night before their arrival, but they did not take the idea thinking it is not a right time. So I took them back to Kofu station at 2:30 PM. Very short visit.

In the evening, Natalia, Katya’s mother, sent her a picture. It is a picture of a silver spoon for Mariya.

Very impressive! Thank you, Natalia.

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