Arrival in Las Vegas

Plane to LA

Plane to LA

After I posted my last article, I first flew to LA.

In the airplane, I concentrated on using English to change my brain to an English mode; conferences in the US is a good chance to bring my English back.

I watched Karate Kid and Kick-Ass.  Jaden Smith is a very good actor.  It was a joy to watch his skills being improved.  Jakie Chan played a good master, too.  Kick-Ass is a combination of Spiderman, Batman, and Kill Bill.  The Parker guy played well, but the best was Hit-Girl.

I was reading a book, “Angela’s Ashes“, too.

We arrived in LA in the morning only for a transit.  We changed to a smaller plane for Las Vegas.

Plane from LAX to LAS

We arrived in Las Vegas and took a shuttle to Riviera.

View from the shuttle window

We arrived the hotel at 2 PM. The hotel seems to be an old-fashioned but comfortable. We were so hungry.  I bought them lunch and beer.

I taught my students how to tip in a restaurant.  After lunch, I got so sleepy as usual; I am very weak in a jet lag.

The room is small and of a 20th-century standard, but it is enough for one person.

It is 10 PM in a local time.  I woke up and posting this post.  I tried to talk with Katya on Skype for the first time in my life, but failed.  I will try again.

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