Back with Maya-san to Kofu

Today is Greenery Day. I wanted to get up late, but woke up at 5 AM because of the paper screen used in the room, which let the sun light in.

I had breakfast with my parents. Katya decided not to come because of Mariya being tired after the trip.

With Maya-san, I drove by Lake Suwa.

Lake Suwa

On the way, I dropped by a rest area “Shinshu Tsutakijuku“.

Shinshu Tsutakijuku

I took a bowl of Soba noodle.


There was a small garden behind. On the riverside, people were camping.

garden  camping by the river

Maya-san is a hole digger.

Maya-san digging holes  hole digging

I bought a bottle of apple juice, a cheese cake, and blueberry jam for Katya.

souvenirs for Katya

After arriving home, I took a nap. Then I prepared a BBQ dinner.

BBQ dinner

After the dinner, I played with Mariya in her playground.

Mariya in a playground

I saw “The Karate Kid“. I watch this movie once in a while to enjoy dreamy orientalism (“Karate Kid 2″ is too much).

Karate Kid

I was thinking Karate Kid was the last movie to give me this interesting sensation until I saw “Memories of a Geisha“.

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