May 6, 2013: Holiday in lieu

Yesterday, it was Sunday and Children’s Day; therefore, today is a holiday in lieu.

While Katya did chores around the house in the morning, I took Mariya to Takeda Shrine. It is only a fifteen-minute walk from our apartment.

We walked up Takeda Street.

Waling up Takeda Street

We passed across the bridge over the moat around the shrine.

Bridge to Takeda Shrine

We went up the stone steps to pass the outer entrance. A pair of stone dogs guard the shrine at the entrance.

Outer entrance of Takeda Shrine  a guardian dog

We proceeded to the inner entrance.

Way to the inner entrance

On the left was a well for purifying hands (you can drink water, too).

Well to purify hands

We arrived at the inner gate to the front shrine.

Inner gate to front shrine

People were praying.

Tablets were dedicated on the right side.

votive tablets

On the left side was a shrine office.

shrine office, Takeda Shrine

I bought an empty water bottle, bathing powder, and a charm for Mariya.

bottles and bathing powder  charm against evils

On the way back, I went to a well to pour up the bottle I had bought.

Well in Takeda Shrine

By the well, a natural instrument was there with a bamboo horn buried into the ground to magnify the sound of water drops dripping under the ground.

bamboo horn buried

It was quiet around. Mariya had some drink.

Takeda Shrine  Mariya drinking

The noh theater is used several times a year.

Noh theater in Takeda Shrine

On the back of the shrine, a forest is kept.

Forest of Takeda Shrine

Near the forest, there is a coffee shop called “Jin”.

Coffee shop "Jin" near Takeda Shrine

I went in with Mariya to have an iced coffee. Mariya had her own ionized drink.

Mariya in "Jin"  Inside "Jin"

After having drinks, we walked down back to the apartment.

Walking down the street

In the afternoon, Katya, Mariya, Maya-san, and I walked to a small temple, “Daisenji“.

Daisenji Temple in Kofu

On the way back home, I left them and went into a Chinese restaurant, “Manpuku Roh“, for taking out plates.

Manpuku Roh

The dishes were eggplants, green pepper and beef, chicken and nuts, all spicy.

Chinese dishes

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