This hotel is not bad. It is good.

When you think of Las Vegas, it is this. The Riviera hotel I am staying at might be a historical hotel, but it is old. Casinos are quiet. I do not like the streets around.

But when I went to see the casino after dinner (you have to walk through it to the room), oh, I felt very good. The light is warm, the sounds are not loud, and old people are pleasantly enjoying games, not to be a millionaire.  I did not take photos inside of the casino because of my cowardice.

Instead, I show you pictures taken in halls.

Hall in front of my room

Ice vender

Elevator Hall

Steak Restaurant

Weddings are everyday.  It is a joy to see happy people.  They are taking pictures around.

Hall to the Wedding Chappel

I took a picture inside an elevator.

Inside of an elevator

People working are rather old, too.  They might not show big-hotel-chain attitudes, but they are kind.

I do not recommend this hotel to my Japanese friends, but I imagine this hotel might mean something to some American people.

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