Tomi no Oka on Sunday

It is Sunday today.

There is a Suntory Winery, “Tomi no Oka” on the hill of Kai City next to Kofu. Katya and I went there for lunch with Mariya.

We passed by the winery to the restaurant. There were not so many cars.

Parking lot of Tomi no Oka

We walked to the restaurant.

On the way to the winery of Tomi no Oka  On the way to the winery of Tomi no Oka

At the restaurant, “Wine Terrace“, we took seats outside. Katya and Mariya sat in the shadow under a tree.

Katya and Mariya at Tomi no Oka

From the tree, a snake of a meter and a half dropped down by them! The snake was let go, and Katya changed the seat.

Katya had fish and I had beef.

Salmon  Beef

Eating out under a blue sky was pleasant.

We walked down to the view point to enjoy a view of Kofu.

Katya and Mariya at the vew pont of Tomi no Oka

There was a tasting counter by the view point.

Tasting counter at Tomi no Oka

I tried Koshu, Muscat Belly A, and Muscat Belly A Rose. All were good; I bought two Koshu, one Muscat Belly A, and one Muscat Belly A Rose, which will be sent to us tomorrow. I became a member of the winery for discounts.

Katya drove, so she took a soft drink, “Natchan! Grape“.

For dinner, I went to a Chinese restaurant, “Manpuku Roh” and took dishes out.

Chinese dinner

Fried egg plants with chili sauce, green pepper and beef with chili sauce, and fried chicken with  sweet vine from the left.

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