Korean dinner and photos of casino

For dinner, our group took another street to a Korean BBQ restaurant.  This street was not so quiet.

We arrived at the Korean restaurant after 10-min walk.  The place is run by Korean people, and customers were mainly Koreans, too.  Tables were taken, and we had to wait for 20 min.  I bought T-shirts for Katya then.

We had Korean beers.  It was a good meal.  Four teachers invited three students, who are going to make an oral presentation in this conference.

The hotel during the night time looks just like the one in the 60s.

Far from the tables, I took pictures inside the casino.

People at the tables were cheerfully enjoying the games.

I am sorry to know that the management is not going well.

On Wednesday, one student talks.  On Thursday does another student.  On Friday, the last student and I talk, and on Saturday, we will leave Las Vegas.

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