Katya made another ornament with her roses.

We did not had the mushrooms for lunch, but we went to New Mahal for a lunch buffet.

Then we went to a sport shop, Alpen Sports.  While we played tennis last time, Katya broke  her Wilson racket vigorously like a pro, so we needed to find a new one.

I told the saleslady that Katya is a hard hitter but she prefers a light racket for her elbow and wrist.

The lady recommended two Babolat rackets, so we borrowed both of them.

We will borrow and use them for three days.

We went to play tennis between 8 and 9 PM to check the rackets.  The clouds looked strange, by the way, so Katya took a photo.

Katya seems to like the rackets but she cannot decide which to buy, because those cost about 23,000 yen.

We went home.  I baked the matsutake mushrooms, and we had them.  Katya did not find it special, while I liked them very much.

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