mini is back

Mini is back to my parking lot from the biannual inspection today.  It cost 125,785 yen for taxes and maintenance fees.  I think it is an adequate price if one keeps an old car.

Katya and I can do without mini but I still keep it paying higher annual taxes on a car older than 10 years.  I rent a parking lot with a roof. Financially, it is not a good choice.

Mini was first fabricated in 1959. It was a revolutionary car with brand new concepts.  A type of minis, Mini Cooper, won the Monte Carlo Rally three times. Beatles and Queen Elizabeth owned mini.

In 1991, Rover started to sell Mini Cooper again, and it brought about a big hit in Japan. I simply liked its shape and bought my 2-year old mini in 1997.  I then found out that it runs very sharply.  I modified it a lot, too, to make it run quicker. I bought books and magazines and videos to learn about mini.  I joined races, too.

Environmental situation is getting severer.  Driving old cars may not be ecologically good as having a hair cut.  Even though, I hope to drive my mini once in a while.

Katya likes VW Beetle.  She buys Beetle model cars herself to decorate rooms.  In an engineering viewpoint, I think it is a good car, but I do not fond of it because of the relationship between Hitler.  However, it will be fun to drive a Beetle together.

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