Takeo Moriyama Quintet

I dropped by at my parking lot on the way to my office. On the right side of my mini, I found the mini that used to be on the left side of mine.

The owner must have changed his mind to keep it at the same parking lot again. It was a small pleasure in the morning.

In the evening, we took Smart for the jazz concert in “Sakura-za” theater , which we had planned to attend.

We took a quick dinner of a salad and sandwiches at Papas Cafe at Okajima department store.

In Okajima department store, a Christmas tree made of plastic bottles was displayed.

It looked nice at a distance away.

Then we walked to Sakura-za.

This is the entrance. When there is no performances, only the coffee shop is open.

In Kofu, the original Sakura-za theater was founded in 1884 and ended in 1930. The new, small theater was refounded in 2005, the taste of an old theater much kept. In the theater, you take of your shoes and sit on tatami mats with a zabuton cushon. I thought it was a neat idea to enjoy old-day inconveniences, but Katya did not accept the idea at all; she wanted a sofa to enjoy the music.


I could not take a good picture of the inside without a flash. Less than 100 people inside.

The concert started with five members: Takeo Moriyama (drums), Yoshiro Okazaki (trumpet), Tetsuro Kawashima (saxophone), Nobumasa Tanaka (piano), and Shinichi Kato (bass).

We enjoy the concert much more than the last one in a large auditorium. The pianist played great as we expected. The performace was extraordinary, although Katya still complained about sitting on the floor.

After the concert, we bought CDs of the pianist and the bass player.

We took a picture together with the pianist!!

Look how happy we are (especially Katya, who is a fan of Tanaka)!

We came back home at 10 PM. Maya-san literally jumped up for joy to see us. We took Maya-san for a night walk.

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