Our Russian Christmas Day

Today is Russian Orthodox Christmas.  We woke up and exchanged presents.

I gave Katya an Adidas digital watch.

Katya likes watches and Adidas, but she never had an Adidas watch.  Plus, this is her first digital watch.  I think I made a right choice.

Katya gave me a pair of casual winter pants.

They are light and warm.  I needed ones!

I happily left home for work.

I came back home for lunch.  After lunch, Katya and Maya-san said see you later from the legless chair, both taking a rest.

In the evening, Katya went out for her English teaching.  Maya-san was left alone on the day of Russian Christmas, whilst she is also Russian born.  Unforgivable!  So Maya-san decided her mind to hold the biggest one-dog party EVER!!

Katya had bought a big bag of candies for kids she is teaching.  In lessons before (Catholic and Protestant) Christmas, Katya gave kids candies.  Some candies were left in the bag, and Katya carelessly left the bag on the corner of a room.

Maya-san tore the red bag and wraps of the candies to enjoy them.

We found that she really enjoyed the party.  We scolded her, and Maya-san had to be in her bed while we were having Christmas dinner.

Katya made blini, or Russian crepes.

First, we had chicken blini, which were very good, with French cidre.  For desserts, we had blini with yogurt and honeyed citron, with green tea.

Maya-san was not allowed to join us for dinner.

Although, we went our for our daily night walk together.  Maya-san was finally forgiven.

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2 Responses to Our Russian Christmas Day

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    Great post – so that answers my question about Russian Christmas food… looks yummy. Ah – two Christmas’ days. That idea better not catch on here. One is enough.

    Poor Maya-san. I’m sure she was just aiming to get some attention. I guess attention for dogs is like publicity (there’s no such thing, apparently, as bad publicity).

    Well – Happy Russian Orthodox Christmas!

  2. Muravej says:

    It was a simple dinner but the blini were very good for sure. Katya talked with her mother on Skype, and they had a bigger dinner in Russia.
    Katya and I celebrate two small Christmases, which is not bad for us.

    Yes, we knew that Maya-san only wanted to show her feelings to us. But for educational reasons, we always tell her “bad is bad”.

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