Day after Holiday

The day after holiday is always busy.  Considerable people work on holidays and send me e-mails to be found on the following day!

Plus, I had not finished some work due today, so I left home at 6 AM.  It was cold on bike.  Actually, it was the coldest day this winter.

I  have finished what I had to do.

Chris commented and recommended us to watch “How I Met Your Mother”.  Unfortunately, the DVDs are not available in rental shops, so Katya and I chose “House M.D.“  It is a good drama, although we do not understand what the diseases are even with subtitles.

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6 Responses to Day after Holiday

  1. Chris says:

    Dr. House is a really good choice, i watch them too,
    but unfortunately in my country the 6th season endet in december and henceforth they just play repetitions of the old episodes, and there is still no date for the broadcasting of the new season :-(

  2. Muravej says:

    Hello, Chris. It seems in Japan the season five is on TV now. Katya and I sort of lost our interests when watching season four because of the less attractive new team members. We will see how we find this time.

  3. AdelaideBen says:

    The problem was that they messed with a winning combination… perhaps they thought that the old format was not appealing enough to the “Grey’s Anatomy” crowd so they increased the number of key roles… but in the end diluted the interesting interplay of characters. We left around that time (4th season) as well.

  4. Chris says:

    I have to admit, you both are right, the first seasons with the old Team were much better.

  5. Muravej says:

    I have not seen “Grey’s Anatomy”. Katya says that it is more like a human drama.
    House is basically a detective story, and Holmes may not need so many different Watsons.
    We liked the classical touch of House.

  6. Muravej says:

    We did not see much of season four. We will try this time. We will try to find “How I Met Your Mother”, too.

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