Spring is coming, probably

In the late morning, Katya sent me an e-mail telling it was almost summer today.  I noticed it when I went out from my office.

Although it is still in the early February, the temperature got as high as 14 degree C.  In the afternoon, I stopped an air conditioner in my office for a while.

We had snow only once in Kofu this winter.  It turned out to be a warm winter this year.

I asked Katya about inviting her mother to Japan in this warm winter for a while.  Katya said no because of the coldness inside.

Oh, I forgot about it.

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2 Responses to Spring is coming, probably

  1. AdelaideBen says:

    I can’t believe that you’re already talking about summer coming! You were saying that it’s been a warm summer in Kofu, well, it’s been a very cool summer here in Adelaide. At this time of year we’d be expecting 35-40 degree days.. but over the last few days we’ve been getting 23-25 degree days. We’re actually putting on extra quilts at night – it’s been so cold. That’s crazy. Of course it could be that’s due to the strange weather systems we’ve been having (including cyclone Yasi which you may have heard about).

    When you say it’s cold inside – do you mean that houses in Kofu are cold? I know (at least in our experience) newish houses in Sapporo tend to be quite warm in winter as they’re designed specifically for the cold. Is it not the same in Kofu?

    Anyway – it won’t be long and Spring will arrive there. A good time for Katya’s mother to visit. Has she been many times before?

  2. Muravej says:

    Katya of course exaggerated, but it was truly a very warm day. It is still warm today.
    I am sorry for the cyclone and flood damages in Australia. And it seems to be a very cold summer in Australia now. I hope L-kun is fine.

    Houses in Japan have been cold in winter and hot in summer; Hokkaido is a rare exception. Since our ancestors decided to build houses of woods (because we have plenty, and that the earthquakes arrive once in a while). warming in houses has been locally. Kotatsu, for a good example. More locally, people dressed heavily. This concept still stands. In our apartment built last year, we do not have a central heating system; our dining room is warm enough, but in the bath room, it is not comfortable, or frankly speaking, cold.
    I am living in a moderate university apartment, but this is the situation. I take it for granted, but Katya’s mother, Natalia, would feel “cold” inside unless she keeps herself in a dining room.
    Natalia has been in Japan twice. She seems to have enjoyed Japan, and we enjoyed having her. But Katya told me she would not invite Natalia in summer and winter to Japan.
    Natalia could come this year, too. If so, we will have fun together.

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