Maya-san’s walk

Maya-san is the one who hates the cold the most among us.

In the morning on winter days, she hesitates to go out.  I was thinking dogs love to go out whenever possible, but that was not true.  Even with her collar and lead, she will not move; we have to take her out in arms.  I call her “princess” then.

On rainy days, she will not go out, either.

It can be understandable thinking about her short hairs.

The purpose of her walk, on her side, is basically looking for “game”, mainly cats.  She sniffs around to look for them.  It is amazing she keeps her attitude even living in a city with people.

In winter, she hates her night walk, too.

There are not many short-haired dachshunds in Japan.  She becomes popular on her walk especially among kids and girls.  Maya-san understands their reactions and she becomes proud as well as friendly to them.

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