Wedding Celebration in Tateshina

We got married on February 23, 2008.  We went to the city hall of Kofu for the marriage registration.  On the evening, we stayed in a hotel, “XIV (ekseev) Tateshina”.  We had dinner in a French restaurant in the hotel.

We have been going to the same hotel and having dinner in the same restaurant for our wedding anniversaries.  Today, Saturday, February 19, 2011, we are staying in XIV Tateshina without Maya-san; my parents had visitors, so Maya-san stayed in a dog hotel this time. We arrived there at 5:15 PM, checked in, and entered the room: a mixture of a bedroom and a Japanese tatami room, as usual in the hotel.

I ordered a bouquet having delivered into the room for Katya.

Then we headed for the French restaurant.  We used a private room.  This was the first time to use the room, and we liked the quiet atmosphere.

We were not able to finish our wedding anniversary cake, so we took it to the room.

On the way back, we had our picture taken at the entrance of the hotel.

Katya enjoyed a facial treatment, while I enjoyed a hot spa.

We exchanged out presents.  I gave Katya a cosmetic, and Katya gave me a small frog playing tennis.

He sure is cute!

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