smart needs repaired

I went to my office in the morning to reserve the train tickets on the web for the American professor. Then I first went to Kofu station to buy them and to Konaya Hotel to pick the professor up.

We had our last talk in Starbucks, and he left Kofu to Tokyo, Narita, and to the US.  He will be back to Japan in September for conferences.

Katya has been talking about the malfunctioning of smart these days.  She suspected that it was because of the battery getting weak.  Katya and Maya-san took smart and I, mini, to Super Autobacs, an automobile shop. It has been quite a while since we drove two cars together last time. It was fun.

Two technicians tried to check the battery and failed because it was a special type, which they did not have in the store.

So Katya and I drove to Yanase Kofu, which deals with Mercedes and smart.

We gave the information of our smart, left it, and went back with mini to the institute.  Katya and Maya-san took a walk home from there.

In the evening, I went back home with mini to take Katya quickly to Yanase. They had the battery charged to leave us check the condition of smart, which will be scheduled to be fully inspected from March 1.

We went to SPORTS DEPO to check some goods and had a quick dinner at KFC.

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