Graduation Day

Today was the  graduation day for the students in our university.

In the morning, we had the graduation ceremony in a hall in downtown Kofu.  In the afternoon, all students of the institute got together to receive diplomas.  We took pictures together.

I hope the alumni will sometimes visit us.

We had a scheduled electricity shut-down from 3:40 to 6:40 PM.  It started raining right after the shut-down.  I came back home at 5 PM, because it was too dark to work without light.

Since we were not able to cook during the blackout, Katya and I went out together to a buffet restaurant, Nanoha, which one of Katya’s students recommended.

The restaurant was full of people.  They serve vegetables with a good quality.  We recommend this restaurant, too.

When we left, it started snowing.  It must be cold in the north-eastern district in Japan.  I heard that in some areas, the electricity started to be provided.  I hope it is not too cold there.

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