Monday, May 2, 2011 in Nara

It is a normal workday today, and I took a break.

I woke up to go enjoying spa in the morning. After having buffet for breakfast in the hotel, Katya and I took trains to Nara.

From Nara station, we walked to Kofukuji Temple.  The tower was beautiful.

Todaiji Temple is close to Kofukuji. Many people were there.


The festival for Emperor Shomu was held today, and  we saw dances and a parade.

In Todaiji Temple, we also visited Shosoin Treasure House, and Nigatsudo.  This is a good walking course from Nara station.

Architectures in Nara generally look heavier and simpler than those in Kyoto.  In many architectures like Shosoin Treasure House, I feel the sense of functional beauty as Bauhaus.

An old local couple gave us food for deer.

We then took a taxi to Toshodaiji Temple.  The main hall impressed me when I was in high school, which I have not visited since then.  When I saw it again today, I first thought it was not what I expected, but while I was watching the main hall for a while, the beauty slowly came into my mind.  I was contented.

Then we went to Yakushiji Temple.  I liked the towers in the temple.

We took trains back to the hotel.

We had dinner in the bar, Cantina over drinks.  The atmosphere was very good.  The pianist played and sang very well.

I did not bring a camera with me in the bar to enjoy our dinner together.

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