Mothers’ Day, May 8, 2011

In order to celebrate Mothers’ Day, we went to Shimosuwa by mini and visited my parents.

We got on Chuo highway and stopped at Futaba Service Area.  There is an outside vegetable/fruit shop.

My mother does not like cut flowers, so instead of carnations, we bought grapes cultivated inside a green house.

The service area is large.  We took Maya-san for a walk.

It was a hot day.  Katya gave Maya-san a shower.

In my parents’ house, we had some tea. Besides grapes, we gave sweets bought in Kyoto.

In the garden, magnolias were beautiful.

Mom and dad showed us a pot of apple flowers.

On the way back to Kofu, we stopped by at Resort Outlets Yatsugatake.

Katya bought sports sandals.  We had late lunch at an Italian restaurant, Lo Scoiattolo.

I forgot to take pictures of pasta and pizza.

The foods were good with reasonable prices.  We recommend this restaurant.

After coming back home, we played tennis.  This evening, we were the only ones again.

We practiced what we had learned in the last lesson.

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