Institute Lodging: First Day

It is 4:30 PM.  Teachers, researchers, and students are leaving at 5 PM to Yamanakako area for the institute lodging.

We have fun there to get closer each other.

I will let you know later what was going on after I came back to Kofu.


At 5 PM, the bus started.  More than 70 people got on two buses.  I rode on the smaller one.

It is a less-than-two-hour drive.  The traffic was smooth.  The buses passed by Lake Kawaguchiko.

It was getting foggy after leaving Lake Kawaguchiko.

And foggier.

Tennis is planned tomorrow morning. We might not be able to play tennis.

The buses arrived at the lodge at 7 PM.

The party started at 7:30 PM.  It was a big party with a lot of alcohol.

Unfortunately, I had had my right cornea injured by my contact lens, so I got out from the party.

In order to save money, we did not stay at the hotel but a humble lodge.  I shared a room with another professor and two researchers.  Since I sneaked out from the party earlier, I prepared futons, or sleeping mattresses for them, too.

Students were noisily talking and having fun.  I think I went to sleep at around 12 PM.

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