New Year’s Eve, 2006 in Sanya, China

Katya had recommended to stay by Yalong Bay, but I was not able to find a hotel to stay in for 5 days running.  So we stayed at a different hotel on December 29 and 30.

On December 31, we moved to a different hotel, “Holiday Inn Resort, Yalong Bay, Sanya” to celebrate the New Year to come.

I have stayed in Holiday Inns many times, and this hotel is the biggest and the best among Holiday Inns even now.

We walked by the river.

Many new apartment were seen.  There must be more now.

There were many Russians in Sanya.  Katya, by the way people talked, found out many were from Moscow.

Like the other Russians, we celebrated a New Year’s Day.

We went out on the beach.

The backyard of the hotel was illuminated by small lamps.

There was a bar, and we ordered cocktails.

We celebrated a New Year’s Day at the bar.

We stayed up late.  We had a late snack in a small restaurant. I still remember the kind waitress.

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