Maya-san in Cage

In the morning, we took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic for her left hind leg.  Yes, her leg was bad.  She got the infrared irradiation on her back.

I took our smartforfour to Mitsubishi Kofu, hoping they will repair the leakage: the smartforfour is based on Mitsubishi Colt, fabricated in the Mitsubishi factory in the Netherlands, and Mitsubishi was selling and repairing smartforfour in Japan.

They said no because the parts have not been provided from Smart company at all.  ”You need to go to Yanase.”

While I was out, Katya was constructing a large cage for Maya-san. For her back, rest is the most important.

In the evening, it started raining.  So we quit tennis and went to a restaurant, “Laugh“, Maya-san being home in the cage.

We were the only customers.

We sat by the window.

We took non-alcoholic drinks.

Foods were OK.

They were Italian modified in a Japanese way.

After the dinner, Katya became worried about Maya-san and we quickly went back home.

Maya-san was quietly waiting for us.  We took her out.

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