Lotus – a Thai restaurant

It is Saturday today.  All the students, as well as researchers and teachers, got together for students’ monthly presentation.  Today, it was for seniors.

One of my students, who came to the taco party the other day, talked about his results, too.  I think he did OK.

Meanwhile, Katya took Maya-san to Noah Vet ClinicMaya-san’s left hind leg has not been recovered yet.  She needs to be in the cage for a while.

In the afternoon, a Korean postdoc came from Korea to present his works to find a job here.  His presentation was not very impressive.  I do not know whether he will be hired.

In the evening after the work, Katya and I went to Lotus, a Thai restaurant.

It is not on the main street but is sort of hidden.

The restaurant is run by a Thai lady married to a Japanese.  Cooks are Thai, and the foods are very Thai and very good.

Drinks, a roasted coconut drink for Katya and a basil drink for me, are imported from Thailand.

Tom yum goong was perfect!  We remembered how good it was.  Many spices are arranged in the way they should be.  Coconut milk adds a delicate sweet taste.

Grilled vegetables and Thai fried rice were good, too, although they were not comparable to  tom yum goong.

We were satisfied with the dinner.

We came back home.  Maya-san was waiting for us.

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