Smart’s impressions

I was expecting Smart quick and swift.  However, it is slow in motion.  It runs the best when it goes straight because of its light weight. However, this is not what I expected of the small car. I expected some new technologies going with the small size, which I did not feel.

Katya found it more or less the same way as mine. However, she still is interested in the car because of its style. I like the style, too; it is a collection of MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). But the vehicle systems seem poor.

Anyway, I have not heard from Yanase today, so Katya can enjoy driving for a couple of more days.

Two small news of Katya:

  • She had made a bit on a Guess bag at the price of 2000 yen in a Yahoo auction, which arrived today.
  • One of her students came back from her trip to France and gave Katya Maxim’s chocolates and a magnet. We had the good chocolates.

Maya-san’s news:


  • Three of us went out on a walk this evening.


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