Apartment meeting, First visit to Thai restaurant

I woke up at 4:30 AM; there was a meeting in the morning in Tokyo  for the owners of the apartments in Nakaochiai.

I left home at 5 AM to Kofu station by bike.

I had a beef bowl at Yoshinoya in front of Kofu station for breakfast.

Then I took a bus to Shinjuku at 5:30 AM from Kofu station.

I studied/slept in the bus.

The bus arrived in Shinjuku at 7:30 AM.

I had taken trains to Nakaochiai to check the apartment building before the meeting started.

The building was built nearly 10 years ago. There were places to be  renewed and cleaned.  I took pictures to show at the meeting.

I took trains from Nakaochiai to the meeting venue. The meeting of the owners started at 10:00 AM.

Only four owners were there this year. We talked for one and a half hour about the management of the building with the people of our  managing company.

Earthquake was an issue. We talked about how strong the building is and How the insurance should be chosen.

I was chosen president of the owners’ management society from this month.

Then I had ramen for lunch.

Noodles and soup were served separately.  We dip noodles in the soup.

Tokyo Banana Gaufrette” is a usual souvenir for Katya.

Then I took trains back to Kofu.  I studied/slept.

I directly went to my office to work.

Katya came with Smart to pick me up at 5 PM.  Our SmartForFour was ready.  We drove to Yanase.

Our car was completely repaired.  It cost only 20,000 yen, so I was happy.  Katya was unhappy leaving the small Smart, although she like our car, too. On the way home, Katya was talking about buying a Smart.

In the evening, Katya bought me dinner at a Thai restaurant, “Ruan Thai Morakot“.

Inside was cozy.


There were more than 10 tables, and they were full. There seems to be only a couple of cooks, and we had to wait to be served.

Tom yum goong was served in a pumpkin pot.


Taste was dense and good, but the quantity was not enough for two.

Grilled Vegetable with Pork was good, too.  I had it with rice.

Katya was not full yet, so she ordered another pot of tom yum goong.

We had enough.  It was a good restaurant. Thank you, Katya, for the dinner.

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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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