From Hatsushima to Atami to Shimosuwa to Kofu

Today was Marine Day, a national holiday.

We left XIV Hatsushima Hotel at 10:30 AM.

At the harbor, we wanted to buy living turban shells for my parents to cook, but the shop for shells and shrimp was closed because of the marine festival on the island being prepared from the morning.

The long flags on the island showed that there would be held a festival.

At the pier, we waited for a boat to come from Atami.

Yes, there were many people on board. They would not stay overnight on Hatsushima, but go back to Atami in the evening after seeing the festival.

We took the boat and left Hatsushima island. It was cloudy; a typhoon was coming.

After arriving at Atami Harbor, we went back to the parking lot, got on Smart, and left Atami for Shimosuwa.

We went up through Hakone area.


We took late lunch at Yamura parking area.

After the lunch, I took a cup of coffee and kept driving.

We arrived at my parents’ at 4:30 PM.

Katya and I met my mother. I was very tired and took a nap. My father and Maya-san came back while I slept. Maya-san must have been happy to see us.

We had dinner at my parents’.

Katya drove Smart for me and Maya-san to Kofu. We arrived at our apartment at 8 PM. It was annoying unpacking, but we managed.

It was Maya-san now who fell into sleep; she was up during the nights at my parents, looking for cats passing through the garden.

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