Preparing for Katya’s departure

Katya leaves Japan on August 5. She flies to Seoul, stays one night there, and meets her family in Vladivostok on August 6.

She will leave Vladivostok on the 29th, stay one night in Seoul, and arrive in Tokyo on the 30th.

Today, I called to the Korean Embassy to make sure that she does not need a visa in Korea during her transit.

I made a reservation for a stay in a hotel near the Inchon International Airport, Seoul, on the 5th.

Now, I need to make a reservation for a bus trip from Kofu to Narita International Airport. I also need a reservation for a stay in Seoul on her way back.

Other than that, things are set. I think Katya is ready for her return to Vladivostok, too.

Fortunately, this summer has been not as hot as the last one in Japan. After her stay in Russia, I hope she will enjoy the cooler climate in September back in Japan.

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