Katya’s Departure – Long Day – Maya-san’s New Pleasure

Katya’s bus leaves at 4:05 PM for the airport.

I was afraid of missing the bus, and I woke up at 2 AM. I did not want to oversleep, so I could not get back to sleep.

At 3 AM, both Katya and I got out of futons. Katya told me she also had woken up at 2 AM.

Katya did her last preparation, and three of us left the apartment to Kofu station by smart. Maya-san was happy to go out, but was also puzzled.

We kissed good by at the station and Katya got on the bus to Narita Airport.

I drove home with Maya-san.

I did not want to oversleep, so I stayed up again.

Boy, wasn’t I sleepy all day!

Katya sent me e-mails from Narita Airport, Inchon Airport, and from the hotel in Korea. She was doing OK.

I took Maya-san out at 7 AM, 1 PM, 5 PM, and 10 PM: a lot of walks.

Katya and I were thinking that Maya-san would miss Katya.

Probably she does, but she found a new pleasure these days: a cricket hunting. We have a small backyard, where there live many crickets. Some of them climb up to our veranda and Maya-san waits for them and chases them.

Maya-san is very happy outside on the veranda. When she is out, she does not care either of us. She is so concentrated.

After our 10-PM walk, Maya-san directly went to the window, asking me to let her out.

So did I.

Katya and I talked on the phone. She was happy to hear that Maya-san is not upset by her departure. Katya told me that she was watching Indiana Jones. This is not her movie, so she should sleep well.

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