A day with Maya-san

I decided to take a break today, and I was with Maya-san all day.

I took her out in the morning. She found a cat, chased it, and gave it a bite.

We had breakfast together.

Then I was checking mails and was doing some work. Maya-san was mainly out on the veranda chasing crickets. Sorry for her they are less now (not because she had them all but they moved out from the garden to see the world).

We took a nap together.

In the late afternoon, I took Maya-san to the park near Arakawa river. It was not hot then, and she enjoyed walking around.


She has not been there for a while and she sniffed around to find out something new.

After coming back home, I gave Maya-san dinner and cooked one for myself.

I talked with Katya on Skype. She seems to be doing fine.

I started watching “High School Musical 3“. I like “High School Musical” partly because the movies remind me of my high school days in Houston.

Now I am watching “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure“. Blonde Ashley Tisdale¬†acting as Sharpay looked good as before, and glad to see Ryan at the end.

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