Third day in Poitier’s – My presentation

Two students and I stay in the same room in a university hotel with two beds and an extra sofa bed.  In fact, my colleagues in University of Poitiers reserved three rooms for us. The computer reservation service has been changed and the reservations before 4 months have been lost.

This sort of things could happen in France. It seems to me the connection between systems and organizations is not good. The lady in the office worked hard to figure out the solution for us. This is another side of France.  I think French people are friendly and helpful on the contrary to the prevailing rumor that they are too proud.  The people speak English less fluently than the German, for example, and that could have made up the rumor.

The room is clean, efficient, and large with a kitchen equipped with everything.  The students might not want to stay with a professor, but it is till tomorrow.

I am to make a presentation at 2 PM. In the university, I was preparing for my talk over coffees, rice crackers I brought (for a souvenir), without having lunch.

My talk started shortly after 2 PM. I introduced myself and gave a short outline in French and switched into English.  I think I gave a good presentation, but there was only one question from the chairman. I will try a full French talk next time.

After the talk, I checked e-mails and worked on an article asked for a journal.

There will be a final oral defense for a student, who has been helping our students from Japan over years. For the defense, professors from other universities have been invited. I was invited to a dinner with them, too.

The restaurant was neat. I ordered escargots and a plate of grilled fish with vegetables. The dish was good and the conversation was interesting. It was very shameful that I went to sleep at the table!

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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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