Busy Respect-for-the-Aged Day

Today was a holiday.

Katya’s mother, Natalia, is coming to Japan in October. We went to buy a set of futons for her at Nitori.  We bought a pan, too.

Then we went to Super Autobacs and changed the tires of our Smart.

I was sitting by the window, watching how the tires were changed.

Then we went home with futons.

In Japan, TV broadcasts have been completely digitalized since July 25.  I have not enabled our TV set to receive digital signals (we are watching Internet programs), so today, I installed the adapter.

The first program watched was Sumo, because it was broadcast on Channel 1.

Today’s Tokube Day. Katya and I went to Tokube to find out that it was so full. We were asked to wait for an hour, so we went out the restaurant.

Near Tokube, we found a small Chinese restaurant. It was run by an old couple and their son.

We ordered some dishes.


Tastes of the dishes were slightly Japanized but good.  Katya found the restaurant interesting.

After coming back home, I called to my parents to say hello.

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