camera broken

I was using a NIKON COOL PIX L3 since I started this blog.  Nikon first sold it in February 2006.

It was a birthday present to Katya.  She started using a better Nikon camera (and taking better pictures now), so she let me use it.

This L3 was broken and fixed once, and was broken this time again.  I think the problem is its start button that is so easily pushed inside a bag or a pocket.

I called to the Nikon service center and found out that the camera is able to be fixed till February 2011 (after its 5-year sale) and that the price is on me.  I decided to have it fixed, because it could be the last COOLPIX L3 to be renewed by Nikon.  I do not know myself what is good about it, but I liked the idea.

So I sent it to Nikon today.

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