Returning Home

After breakfast, Katya and I went up the roof of the hotel.


Then, Katya took a quick facial massage, while I was taking a rest in the room.

Katya came back and told me that the technician, Maruyama-san, was very skillful as well as charming.  She did like her and asked me to mention her name in the questionnaire; so I did.

We packed up, took a shuttle bus, and arrived at the harbor. Before taking a boat back to Atami, katya bought dried fish as a souvenir for my parents.

We stayed inside.


Katya drove all day today. She drove up the Hakone mountain.

And drove down.

We arrived at Gotemba Premium Outlets on the way to Shimosuwa.


Many people inside.

We went to a Chinese restaurant, Benitora Gyoza Bo.  It was 3:30 PM, but people were still waiting outside. So we had a bowl of chicken on rice sold in front of the restaurant to take out.

Then we started shopping. Kayta bought a pair of jeans and two shirts. I bought cans of Fauchon tea.

In the Fauchon shop, breads looked very good and French.  I would like to come back to buy some next time.

Then Katya drove to Shimosuwa.

We dropped by at Futabe service area. We bought Japanese pears and peaches at a vegetable market.


Pears are for my parents.

We arrived at my parents’ at 7:30 PM.  We thanked my parents for taking care of Maya-san. We gave them souvenirs.

My parents gave us vegetables they grew themselves. We got a white pumpkin, too.

Then Katya drove us back to Kofu.

It was a long day. We took jellos and tea for dinner. I moved photos from my camera and am writing this article. Katya is trying to find out how to make the best of her iPad.

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Hello! I am a scientist running apartments in Tokyo and Yokohama. If you are willing to live in Japan, please get in touch.
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