kick-off meeting for the project successfully ended

In the morning, I was preparing for the kick-off meeting.

The meeting started at 1:30 PM.  Three governmental bureaucrats arrived.  In all, there were 26 people.

I was chairing the meeting. I gave a talk about the general purpose of the project and the research plans. I also gave a small talk about what to do in our institute under my supervision.

The meeting ended at 5 PM. Then I gave a tour of the institute.

The three bureaucrats went back to Tokyo by taxi. I think the meeting was successful, but I do not know how they felt because they are bureaucrats.

Rest of the members moved to Sadoya French restaurant. It was a pleasant party. Everybody was willing and hoping to make the project in progress.

The party ended at 7:10 PM.

I was waiting for Katya to arrive at Sadoya by smart, because we had been planning to play tennis.

Katya said that I smelt like a pub!

But I was able to play tennis rather normally. I hope people did not notice my smell of alcohol.

I am very relieved. It was a good day.

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