Shopping on Labor Thanksgiving Day

It was a national holiday today. In the morning, we had coffee we bought at Coffee Tonya. I grounded the beans.

I had the beans roasted in the Italian manner, by mistake, instead of French, so the coffee was stronger than we normally have. But the beans were good and coffee was tasty with milk.

Katya and I went out shopping without Maya-san, who hopefully enjoyed a nap.

First we went to Sports DEPO.


We asked to change the strings of our rackets.

Then we walked to a 100-yen shop, Daiso.

Katya bought some goods for magic tricks to show at her English lessons to kids.

Then we drove to Nitori, a furniture shop, to look for a new small shelf.


We were not be able to find a good one. We decided to order one on the internet.

From Nitori, we walked to an electric store, Kojima.


We bought an LED bulb and a spare ink for the printer.

Then driving to Tokyo Interior for some aromatic candles.


We bought two candles.

At a gas station, flags were installed for winter tires. On the flags, Cheburashka was used for a campaigning character. Cheb is that popular in Japan.

It is after 2 PM. We had lunch at Royal Host.

We were hungry enough.


After finishing lunch, we drove to Pet Field.


Katya bought three small water snails to put in the aquarium.

After coming back home, Katya put the snails in.


A candle was lit. It has a good scent.

We ordered s small shelf on the internet.

Our mission completed.

In the evening, we went to Manpuku Roh, a Chinese restaurant.


Katya had some Tofu. I had a vegetable ramen with extra leek.

It was a busy holiday today.

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